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Free Tip Friday: Ogio Chamber Cart Bag

Do you have any specials on cart bags? This week, the Discount Golf World Pro examines the Ogio Chamber Cart Bag to highlight some of its key features. The cart bag includes 14-full length dividers with a special Diamond Performance top that prevents your clubs from rattling into each other, a torque strap, and a zipperless ball pocket. Shop for the Ogio Chamber Cart Bag at Discount Golf World to save $110 off of the original retail price. Check out the video to learn more:

Callaway X Hot Fairway Wood Review

Callaway Tour professional, Gary Woodland, is just like the rest of us, it seems. Not long ago he put a new three wood in the bag, one that had been fitted to his exact specifications. After playing it for a number of rounds, however, Woodland was unhappy and took it back to the Callaway Tour trailer for a new shaft. The reason? He was hitting his new Callaway X Hot Pro Three Wood too far! It seems that his normal three wood specs, configured with his new X Hot Pro Fairway Wood, resulted in his having too much firepower on par fives. He was forced to choke down and throttle back, so he actually replaced his Graphite Design prototype shaft with a heavier X-100 steel model to take something off the 294 yards he was hitting his 17 degree X Hot Pro (into the wind).   The rest of us will never have that problem, but we can have the same fairway wood. The new X Hot and X Hot Pro Fairway Woods are the longest ever produced by Callaway. These new fairway woods borrow the forged cup face design from Callaway drivers, moving the weld line away from the face to allow more control over face thickness and tolerances. Because of this new design, and through the use of high strength 455 Carpenter steel, the new Callaway X Hot face is 40% thinner than last year’s RAZR X Black fairways. The X Hot Fairway Woods tested right at the USGA’s limit for spring-like effect. That means distance. That is what we all crave.   The X Hot Fairway line offers performance without having to increase club head size, or add a slot to the sole. Engineers also reconfigured the weighting of the sole through an internal wave-shaped pad that acts to push the center of gravity slightly forward and low to reduce spin. Together, these design and material elements make the X Hot line truly worthy of the name. They are Hot!   Order your X Hot or X Hot Pro Fairway Wood today at DGW.

Cleveland 588 Altitude Irons: New Product Review

Cleveland Golf just introduced the new 588 Altitude Irons. Constructed with a full hollow body design, these “hybrid irons” are for any golfer seeking distance, height and forgiveness.  Each iron in the set is engineered to provide optimum, flight, forgiveness and feel, according to Cleveland.   The Altitudes have advanced internal weighting that promotes a low and deep center of gravity for both high launch and maximum distance. The company says the center of gravity is 13% lower and 121% deeper compared to a typical game-improvement iron resulting in iron shots that are easier to hit with proper trajectory. This is possible because of the hollow body construction that offers hybrid-like playability through each iron in the set.   Each club offers Face Forged® Technology that enhances ball speed and delivers feel. Cleveland says the Altitudes are designed for customization through a notch in the hosel that allows change in lie angle by three degrees up or down and loft by two degrees weaker or stronger. This is a significant acknowledgement by a company that higher handicap players can benefit from custom-fitting options, as well.   The 588 Altitude Irons are available in 3-SW for both men and women in graphite or steel shafts. Cleveland will begin shipping these new hybrid-irons November16, 2012.   Pre-order your set of the new 588 Altitude Irons at DGW today.

New Cleveland 588 RTX Wedge Review

Cleveland Golf announced the release date for their new line of 588 wedges recently. The 588 RTX CB Wedges abest work from home re set to begin shipping November 16, 2012, just in time to add them to your Christmas list. This newest offering is the latest in a long line of the iconic 588s, the wedge that changed the way we think about the short game. In an era where many manufacturers name a club either through the marketing department, or by alluding to some dubious technological breakthrough, Cleveland is decidedly old school, in that the names of their clubs typically have meaning. In the case of this new wedge, the “RTX” stands for Rotex, which refers to the directionally milled face pattern designed to add roughness to the face, and thus spin, on open-faced shots. Cleveland accomplishes this through a proprietary Laser Milled technology that increases surface roughness with four perfectly calibrated texture lines milled between each groove. The CB (cavity back) is a more familiar designation, although not necessarily in a scoring club. We’re used to seeing cavity backs as game improvement features, but not in a wedge, and certainly not from Cleveland, the company known for its Tour presence in that category. So what’s the deal? Well, think about whether you’ve ever toed or heeled a wedge shot…of course you have. So it makes sense that an undercut cavity, offering perimeter weighting and forgiveness, would find its way to the wedge category. Why haven’t others gone there, you ask? Well, I don’t know. But I do know that Cleveland makes quality product for those who are passionate about the game, and frankly the cavity back wedge seems so obvious as to be pure genius in its simplicity. There’s nothing “simple” about the design of this wedge, though. In addition to the aforementioned attributes, the 588 RTX CB sports new Tour Zip U-grooves, developed closely with Tour players, which are 16% larger than the previous generation of Tour Zip grooves. This larger U Groove design enhances the proven ability of Cleveland’s U Grooves to channel away moisture and debris in order to maximize spin from the rough, sand and wet conditions. The 588 RTX CB incorporates a “Reverse C” sole inspired by Cleveland’s CG14 and CG16 wedges. According to Cleveland, this is a constant-width sole with heel and toe grinds that helps with bunker play and shots from long, gnarly rough. Distance is nothing if you can’t get the ball close to the hole when needed. If ever there were a time to up your game by upgrading your wedges that time is now. Don’t wait for Christmas. Get yourself the gift of better golf now. Check out the video and then order your Cleveland 588 RTX CB Wedges today at DGW.

Play Golf All Year With New Nike Outerwear

Fall is here, and for those who live in a four season climate, or in a place where the temperatures fluctuate greatly, that means some of the best golfing weather of the year. Cool, sunny days and firm, fast conditions make for great golf. There was a day when most of us would hang up our clubs following Labor Day and not play again until late March or early April. The reason we used to quit when the weather turned? There was no such thing as cold weather apparel--at least for the golfer. Anyone who played cool or cold weather golf back in the day knows that the clothing was simply not conducive to enjoying a round. Heavy, bulky sweaters and jackets made swinging a golf club a chore. A lack of wind-resistant fabric allowed the wind to cut through even heavy wool sweaters, dissipating the warmth offered by all those layers.   Today, golfers are fortunate to have lightweight, warm, breathable and wind resistant fabrics that make golfing in cooler, and even cold temperatures a much more enjoyable pastime. Consequently, there is no longer any reason to hang up the clubs for the winter. Nike Golf wants you to keep playing golf--all year long.   Nike Golf has new lines of performance apparel, including outerwear and accessories that will let you play golf, and play it well, all year long. Here’s just a small sampling:   Nike Pro Thermal Hyperwarm Mock -- The perfect base layer, offering Dri-Fit, moisture-wicking stretch fabric that is both warm and lightweight. You can wear this under a polo, jacket or sweater. Nike Tour Premium Long Sleeve Cover Up – Dri-Fit stretch fabric with a mock neck, 5-button placket and contrast vented hem make this the ultimate modern pullover. Nike 1/2 –Zip Wind Resist Sweater -- It’s a sweater and wind shirt in one garment. The soft wool blend performance outer shell combines with an innovative windblock lining to offer contemporary style, comfort and warmth during the round. Nike Pro Thermal Tight – Go ahead and wear your lightweight golf pants if you want. These compression thermals are the ideal base layer, featuring Dri-Fit jersey that offers lightweight warmth and comfort. Nike Therma Fit Sleeves – Every golfer needs a pair of these stretch sleeves. They go on and off easily and take up virtually no space in your golf bag, so you can have them handy any time the temperature dips. The Therma-Fit technology resists heat loss, and the stretchable design means you can stay warm without any negative effect on your range of motion. Nike Storm-Fit Rain Suit – Lightweight, breathable and waterproof, this rain suit is adjustable and flexible for a custom-like fit. Nike Wind Resistant Therma-Fit Jacket – Made with Therma-Fit fabric, this jacket offers both wind and water-resistance. The incredibly soft fleece lining is a comfort bonus. Nike Winter Cap with Ear Protector – When the weather turns, you’ll want to keep your head warm and dry. This cap does both with it’s Dri-Fit fabrication and fold down ear flaps.   You can get all these items and so much more at DGW. Check out all our fine Nike Outerwear—and keep playing no matter what the weather.

Get Longer For Less: The New TaylorMade RocketBallz Bonded Driver Review

If you’re like me, you may have been intrigued when you learned TaylorMade was introducing another model in the line of RocketBallz drivers. The latest offering is called the RocketBallz Bonded Driver, and if you’re wondering why the “Bonded” name, you’re not alone. Simply put, the new RBZ Driver is a fixed hosel version of the original RBZ. Thus, the club head is “bonded” to the shaft and cannot be adjusted. If that sounds decidedly un-sexy to you, given the adjustability craze that has swept the driver category this year and figures to continue through 2013, well it is—not sexy, that is. There’s nothing especially “new” here. So why buy it?   Every golfer wants more distance from his driver. It’s what the recreational player craves and the reason for the existence of certain R&D and marketing guys at every major golf equipment manufacturer. The RBZ Bonded Driver offers the entire TaylorMade RBZ tech that makes the RocketBallz Driver one of the hottest sellers ever, absent an adjustable hosel. It has distance, but not adjustability.   According to TaylorMade., the RBZ Bonded is made with TaylorMade’s “Inverted Cone” milled into the back of the face. This creates a huge sweet spot while minimizing distance loss on drives struck, well, less than perfectly. The Bonded Driver comes equipped with an ultralite TM 360 Lite grip, Matrix XCON 5 shaft and drag-defying aerodynamic head shape that produce faster swing speeds and generate more distance. And the RBZ Bonded has the same matte white crown and black face as the original RBZ.   So, basically, this is the same driver that created huge buzz early in the year without one significant feature. That brings us around to the initial question: why would you buy it? The absence of an adjustable hosel means one very important thing: this driver costs less than any other high tech driver on the market. You can get speed, power and distance in a contemporary, Tour-validated look for just $200.00.   Truth be told, I bet many golfers buy an adjustable driver, set it once, and then never adjust again. If you’re a guy like that, then this is a sweet deal.   Check it out at DGW today.  

Walk with Trekker Caddy TC3 Push Cart for Better Golf

As more people walk with push carts they keep asking me for recommendations, so I decided to play a few rounds and come up with a great push cart you should use this season. Keep reading to learn about my choice, the Golf Digest Gold Medal winning Trekker Caddy TC3 Freestyle Push Cart. Trekker Caddy TC3 Freestyle Push Cart After playing a few rounds with different push carts I decided on a newcomer, the Trekker Caddy TC3 Freestyle Push Cart. Unlike almost all other push carts, the TC3 sits very low to the ground and has an adjustable handle. While this may not sound like a big deal, the flat-bottom frame distributes weight evenly and keeps the cart's center of gravity much lower than other carts. The result is a much stabler and easier to push cart. The adjustable handle means you can actually be comfortable pushing instead of reaching up or down. After all, the cart should accommodate you, right? A couple other nice features include the unit's ability to fold into a tight little package, smaller than comparable carts. Plus you don't have to remove wheels! The Trekker Caddy TC3 has a brake system with a push-button release conveniently located at the top of the handle, right in the middle. Anybody who's had to bend down and search for a brake release on a cart frame knows the benefit of being able to flip a switch their thumb to get rolling again! The wheels are injection molded so they're sturdy, quiet and lightweight, and the ball bearings they rotate on are sealed -- so bad weather and nasty course conditions won't ruin your ride. Trekker Caddy TC3 Benefits Push design promotes upright walking posture and utilizes your body weight and forward momentum T-shaped low frame produces a low center of gravity for better balance and distributes the bag's weight evenly for easier pushing and greater stability Hollow-tube aircraft aluminum frame is rigid yet lightweight Locking, adjustable handle for comfortable use regardless of golfer height 1-piece wheels and sealed bearings for durable, quiet operation Push-button brake release located on handle The 2010 golf season is already getting into full swing in parts of the country, and before too long the links will be packed with golfers eager to get back into the swing of things. Don't be left behind with old gear that hurts your scores! Walking with a push cart allows you to see the course up close and personal, to feel the slopes and see the spots that will hurt or help -- not to mention give you a good workout (you don't get warm, loose muscles by riding a powered cart!). Plus, walking gives you time to analyze your performance, walk off frustrations and spend time talking with friends. The Trekker Caddy TC3 Push Cart is a great choice for any golfer looking for a foldable, lightweight push cart that offers a stable, cushy ride. So the next time you head out opt for the TC3 Push Cart instead of those loud, expensive powered carts. You'll be glad you went with Trekker Caddy. I am.

Stay Warm with Nike Pro Thermal Compression Sleeves

Looking for a way to stay warm without having to carry a jacket or mess with long sleeves? Tired of being too warm or too cold? I've found that the Nike Pro Thermal Sleeves provide an easy-on, easy-off alternative to long-sleeved shirts and cumbersome jackets and outwear. Simply slip on the sleeves and your arms immediately benefit from added warmth. The Thermal Sleeves are ideal because they offer functionality without fuss! Consider just some of the uses: slip them on before starting to warm up your arms and loosen tight muscles slip them on if the wind picks up wear them to avoid an irritating sunburn pack the sleeves in their pouch, about the size of your open hand, instead of bulky sweaters or jackets wear them to protect your arms if you have to punch out of prickly or damp foliage Of course the Thermal Sleeves are equally useful off the course; their utility is beneficial whenever and where ever there's a need (or potential need) to add warmth to the arms, add support to muscles and joints, or just cover the arms. As part of the Tiger Woods Collection , the sleeves feature notable technologies - Nike Pro and Nike Sphere Dry . Nike Pro apparel is designed to provide comfort and support through: a compression fit that transfers power more efficiently 4-way stretch material moves with the body flat-seam construction for a smoother interior surface Nike Sphere Dry fabric: moisture-wicking Dri-FIT fabric helps regulate body temperature double-brushed microfleece to retain heat energy provides insulation from the wind and cold without adding bulk or heavy weight Other features of the Nike Thermal Sleeves include: a no-slip grip ring at the top to keep the sleeves in place a subtle honeycomb texture a contrast Nike swoosh at the wrist a small (6in.H x 5in.W) mesh carrying bag with a zipper closure and elastic loop for easy attachment and carrying. So instead of packing bulky sweaters or frustrating jackets, I bring my Nike Thermal Sleeves . The sleeves are compact enough to fit in a pocket but allow you to adapt quickly and easily to changing conditions. They weigh just a few ounces and look like a regular long-sleeve compression top. The difference is that they slip on and off in a matter of seconds without having to remove or cover up your favorite shirt! PS: if you travel a lot the sleeves are great for chilly planes, taxis, restaurants, and photo-ops, not to mention helping you zip through security by reducing luggage.
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